Sell To Us

Selling to us is easy, quick and straightforward.  Bring in your gently-used goods, we'll examine them, and if they're something we think we can sell, we'll make you an offer for them.  No complicated consignments or drawn-out negotiations! We'll purchase your items outright, instead of asking you to pawn them or take out some high-interest loan against them.  You get the certainty of money in your hand, on the spot.

We are looking to buy tools, electronics, DVDs, Blu-rays, video game systems, sports equipment, musical instruments, and more for cash.

Some examples of what we’re looking for are:
Drills of various makes and uses
Staple and nail guns
Air Compressors
Flat screen TVs
Video game systems
Skill saws
Knives and Swords
DVDs and Blu-rays

And many more things! If you have something you would like to sell, just call or stop in and ask our friendly sales staff. We're open six days a week, for your convenience.

A Word About Stolen Goods

If you've been victimized by thieves, first, please accept our sympathies.  We will not knowingly buy your stolen items, ever!  Please be sure to file a police report, giving as much detail as possible.  The more you can tell the police, the better the chances are that your items will be recovered.

We comply with all state and local regulations that apply to resale shops.  All incoming items are checked against police databases of stolen property, and we will report any illegitimate transactions to the proper authorities.